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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School
1455 rue Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Blainville
Tel. 450.621.7606
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Our Educational Project

At Pierre Elliott Elementary School, the goal is to assist all students to be the best they can be in every aspect of life and to become independent, enthusiastic, and capable citizens. 

An excellent staff and community contribute in all areas of our students` lives.

  As a professional learning community our aims and objectives are:

  • The promotion and development of early intervention and support systems in all areas of literacy to ensure success for all students.
  • The creation of a wide variety of learning opportunities where our students are actively involved in their own learning.
  • The establishment of safe learning environments by outlining and enforcing guidelines and activities that promote responsibility, respect and school spirit.
  • The integration of technology to support enhanced learning environments
  • The commitment to a healthy, safe and eco-friendly school environment.

  • The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School Vision

    All our students will grow to become effective decision makers and be empowered to develop their skills in order to blossom as active members of society.


    At Pierre Elliott Trudeau, we promote the acquisition of the English and French languages through a stimulating and challenging program.   We offer students and staff an environment that fosters respect, cooperation and personal growth.

    Values & Beliefs

    At Pierre Elliott Trudeau we believe that effective schools teach the whole child and all of the values that encompass the responsible citizens that they will become. An effective school is able to accommodate for the uniqueness of the different learning styles of the children by providing a wide range of activities and opportunities. A successful student is able to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of situations and is able to transfer these competencies from one subject to another, applying this knowledge to their respective lives. An effective classroom is one in which children feel safe to explore, take risks, succeed, fail and try again, at a rhythm that encourages them to blossom as children and develop their own identity as lifelong learners.

    The Motto of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School is RESPECT; RESPONSIBILITY; EXCELLENCE.


    Respecting the Moral Commitment of our Charge:

     Respecting the Diversity of our Community:

     Respecting the Student Expectations Established:

    Respecting the Physical, Intellectual and Social Needs of Our Students:

    Respecting the Role to Inspire Values in the Formation of Tomorrow’s Citizens:


    Responsibility to Provide a Safe and Healthy Environment

    Responsibility to Provide a Sound Program of Studies:

    Responsibility to Provide Resources to Students with Special Needs:

    Responsibility to Provide Experience for Students to Work Cooperatively with Each Other

    Responsibility to Provide a Means for Self-Awareness


    Maintaining High Standards:

    Developing Leadership:

    Promoting Potential in All Students:

    Empowering Students to Take Responsibility for their Learning:

    Modeling Excellence in Our Daily Interactions:

    Students, teachers, administrators, parents and support staff believe in maintaining and modeling the following values:


    Historical Background and School Context

    PierreElliott Trudeau School is one of Quebec’s newest English schools opening in January 2002 due to a rapidly expanding demand for English education on the lower North Shore of the Laurentian region. It is located in the city of Blainville, north of Montreal and educates approximately 420 students living in Blainville, Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines, Boisbriand, Mirabel (Domaine Vert sector only).

    The school is situated in the northern sector of Blainville and is surrounded by single dwellings and semi-detached homes, with most parents owning their homes. The area is considered to be affluent and most parents hold full-time jobs. The majority of families whose children attend our school are French speaking and send their children to English school to learn the English language.

    The school consists of 17 regular classrooms, 3 Kindergartens, a daycare, Resource room, library, computer lab, cafeteria, and a gym. The students use mobile laptop computers which are used in their own classrooms or they can visit the computer lab to work with desktop computers.

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School is an inclusive school where students with special needs are integrated into regular classes, with assistance when necessary. Support is provided for these students by resource teachers, attendants (when student receives a code from the MELS), a school psychologist, or a speech-language pathologist. We aim to provide opportunities to each student to reach his/her potential in all areas of the curriculum.

    Programs Available in Our School


    School Bus Transportation

    Students who reside within our designated zone are provided with transportation by the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. Students are expected to comply with the bus safety rules in order to maintain the privilege to ride the school bus daily.

    Report Cards

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School provides a comprehensive system of reporting the child’s progress to both the student and the parents at the end of each of the three terms during the school year. 

    Meet the Teacher Night & General Assembly

    In September of each year a General Assembly is held where members of the Governing Board are elected for the current school year. In addition, teachers hold individual information sessions to address the curriculum and expectations for the year in their respective classrooms.


    Interviews are held at the end of the first and second terms. The progress of the student is discussed and goals are set for the following terms.


    Newsletters are distributed monthly. Participation and news items are welcome from all parents and teachers. Additional information sheets are distributed when deemed necessary.


    Our school has a website where much information about the school can be located. Newsletters, calendars, important dates, teacher email addresses (and more!) can be found on our website. This is a valuable resource for parents, students and families looking to send their child to an English school.

    Visit us at .

    PETES also has a Facebook page which regularly features school events.

    Emergency Closings

    If the school is to be closed for the entire day because of an emergency, parents should consult the SWLSB website at or it will be announced on the radio as early as possible in the morning.


    The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School agenda book is distributed to students at the beginning of each school year and contains the safety rules established by the administration, staff and Governing Board.  It serves as an organizational tool and allows for regular parent/teacher communication. Parents are requested to verify and sign their child’s agenda daily.

    Daycare Services

    MEQ daycare services are provided for students enrolled at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School. The philosophy of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Daycare program is to provide a complimentary program of child-centered activities. The Daycare’s primary concern is the well-being and safety of every student. The program provides age-appropriate activities for the students such as arts & crafts, computers, games and physical activity. In addition we provide a homework period after school from 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Daycare educators are available to encourage and assist, but homework is primarily the responsibility of the individual child. Parents are expected to ensure that their child has completed their homework in a conscientious and careful manner.

    Additional Services



    As part of an English School Board and in order to ensure that our students develop the competencies required to complete the Minister of Education (Leisure and Sports) English Language Arts examination at the end of Cycle 3, all of our curriculum is taught in English, with the exception of the French Second Language program. The breakdown is as follows:




    Cycle 1

    Cycle 2

    Cycle 3

    Subjects Taught in English

    ·          Kindergarten Program

    ·          Music

    ·          Physical Education


    ·       English Language Arts

    ·       Mathematics

    ·       Arts (Visual & Dance)

    ·       Physical Education & Health

    ·       Ethics & Religious Cultures

    ·         English Language Arts

    ·         Mathematics

    ·         Arts (Visual & Drama)

    ·         Physical Education & Health

    ·         Ethics & Religious Cultures

    ·         Science & Technology

    ·         Geography, History & Citizenship

    ·            English Language Arts

    ·            Mathematics

    ·            Arts (Visual & Musical)

    ·            Physical Education & Health

    ·            Ethics & Religious Cultures

    ·            Science & Technology

    ·             Geography, History & Citizenship

    Subjects Taught in


    ·         French Second Language

    ·       French Second Language

    ·         French Second Language

    ·            French Second Language



    PierreElliott Trudeau Elementary School

    5 day cycle


    CYCLE 1

    CYCLE  2

    CYCLE   3
























































    English %





    Francais %









    Special events/activities

    Dress Code

    Much research has shown that when school children follow a specific dress code, uniform or colour code, there are less incidents of judgmental behaviour, bullying and discrimination towards students with regards to their clothing choices. At Pierre Elliott Trudeau, students wear navy bottoms and white or navy tops, with an option of wearing a burgundy school sweater (with school logo). This helps us ensure that all of our students begin every day on a level playing field with regards to their peers and socio-economic status. More details about our dress code may be found in our ‘Code of Conduct’ section.


    Additional Information

    We encourage the socialization of our students by providing them with the opportunities to participate in a variety of activities and projects such as LEUCAN collection at Halloween, The Terry Fox Run, Breast Cancer Denim Day, after school activities, collaborative and cooperative group work, Christmas basket collection for families in need, field trips, overnight trips, etc.

    We guide the students throughout their academic careers at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School by providing them with many opportunities to explore their own learning, some of which include guest speakers, musical and dramatic performances, field trips, research techniques and projects, multi-media presentations, frequent use of technology, assemblies as well as hands-on workshops for students and teachers, all of which help qualify students as independent, confident learners and aid in their selection of courses to pursue in their high school education.

    parent participation

    Governing Board

    The primary purpose of the Governing Board is to provide a close link between the parents and the school. The Governing Board acts as a consultative and decision-making body in the school. As such, they have the right and responsibility to make recommendations based on full and sound information about school life. Members of the Governing board must have interest in the school and education in general. They must be prepared to volunteer their time, to work cooperatively in a group and to dialogue with others. The members of the Governing Board must be able to view their decisions as affecting the whole school population and ultimately the community at large.


    Parent Participation Organization (PPO)

    Our PPO boasts about its many active members who work tirelessly to raise funds for activities and materials to enrich the children’s learning. The PPO has a large parent volunteer organization which helps with fundraising throughout the school year. All of the proceeds from the fundraising efforts are reinvested directly in the school. Monthly meetings are held at the school, and attendance is open to everyone, though voting is reserved to members only.

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